General Event Information

Event History:
33 years ago a group of community minded individuals, Future Neenah Development Corporation, united to make improvements to Neenah’s Downtown.  Together they achieved that goal and then set their sights on making the entire Neenah community a great place to live, work and play while still keeping their finger on the pulse of Downtown.

In 1992 Downtown Neenah Action Committee (DNAC), hosted the very first StreetBall event originally designed to be a fundraiser for DNAC’s maintenance program and it quickly became a quality family- oriented festival which epitomized Neenah’s community spirit.

In 1996 Future Neenah Development Corporation changed its name to Future Neenah and in 1998 StreetBall transitioned as a Future Neenah managed activity. In 2017 Future Neenah passed the lead of the event over to Mission Basketball Academy Inc. (non profit 501c3 organization). The MBA will continue to carry on the event with similar goals as Future Neenah involving local clubs and non profits. www.missionbasketball.org

Event Fun facts!

  • Our officials are WIAA certified for all courts to support a strong 3 on 3 learning environment for youth and safe fun play for all!
  • Youth teams (grade entering) 1st through 8th grade will play Saturday!
  • High School age players will play on Sunday only to allow for high school basketball team commitments/Act!
  • Adult teams will play on Saturday and Sunday!
  • Our top tier adult divisions will have money payouts of $500!